About Me

Alice Fong-Yi Liu is a Chinese- American author whose writing focuses on identity, growing up with immigrant parents, parenting, caretaking, and a career in cybersecurity. Her writing explores vulnerability, trauma, and healing, often through food, family and technology.  To recharge she plays video games, gardens, collects fancy houseplants and hangs out with her family.

She is working on an intimate, multigenerational memoir based around her experiences as a Chinese American kid of immigrants. It delves into the pressures of mid-life and being “sandwiched” between caretaking for a mother with dementia and the pressure of her family and the expectations of the “American Dream”. It travels through her parents’ escape from Communist China in the 1940’s and then follows her path, back to her earliest memories of laying down roots in America and how her reality was very different than the life her parents expected for her.

Being gifted with the ability to process large amounts of data, she explores how multiple generations search for meaning and insight and ultimately how she is finally able to unlock her own definition of happiness.